The shape and proportion of the buttocks are important factors in an attractive, well-proportioned body. With Brazilian butt lift surgery, a skilled cosmetic surgeon can use specialized fat transfer techniques to achieve a fuller, rounder buttock contour.

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What is a Brazilian butt lift?

A Brazilian butt lift is a specialized fat transfer procedure that augments the size and shape of the buttocks without implants. Excess fat is removed from the hips, abdomen, lower back, or thighs with liposuction, and a portion of this fat is then strategically injected into the buttocks.

Why have a Brazilian butt lift?

The shape and proportion of a person’s buttocks are largely determined by genetics; both your skeletal structure and how your body stores fat influence the appearance of the lower body. A healthy diet and exercise can work to achieve a healthy body weight and tone the muscles, but many patients remain unhappy with a “flat” buttocks that lacks shape, despite a healthy lifestyle.

You might consider a Brazilian butt lift to:

• Enhance the curves of your lower body
• Reduce fat pockets on your hips, thighs or belly while adding fullness to the buttocks
• Help clothing fit more attractively
• Give a more youthful, aesthetically pleasing shape to flat buttocks
• Enhance your overall proportions by improving balance between your upper and lower body

Candidates for Brazilian butt lift

  • You want a buttock augmentation without implants

  • You have good skin tone in the hips and buttocks

  • You have adequate fat stores in other areas to harvest for injection into the buttocks

  • You are willing and able to avoid sitting directly on your buttocks for several weeks

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